Time of year…

It’s that time of year. We have made preparations, dawned our mocking masks, decorated our yards. Some people have even defined it as scary. No I am not talking about Halloween, I am referring to the presidential election. Every time I open my Facebook it’s filled with friends, family, acquaintances, co-workers ect. bashing one of the presidential candidates. I can tell you to whom over half of my friends are giving their vote. Now normally this would not be a major issue, simply knowing with whom your friends affiliate themselves, but recently the amount of hatred I have seen posted on my news feed quite frankly makes me sick. I think it is VERY important to stay informed on our political candidates who potentially will be the leader of this country. The trivial portion falls in the constant bashing of each other because of which candidates we support.
I will tell you now that I am registered Independent. What I will not discuss is who I am voting for and here is why: while I think it is ok to discuss whatever topic you want on social media, I do not feel it is appropriate to simply tell me what is “bad, wrong, unjust, crazy, terrifying” ect about one candidate without further explaining the positive points you see about your pick for president. There is nothing wrong with showing support for a candidate and if you disagree with someone, then it is indeed a free country and you have the right to do so, but please do not post something negative or positive without proper education to support your viewpoint. I personally think it’s ludicrous how many negative posts as opposed to positive posts about each candidate I have seen. I now know negative points for our candidates but rarely see an endorsement of any of the candidates. Luckily, I do not simply rely on social media for my source of information but if I did, I would be very poorly informed. I am not saying either of the major candidates are good or bad. As I informed you earlier, I do not enjoy discussing my political opinions on social media. If we could all have healthy debates it would be a different story, however I am very unhappy with the argument etiquette on social media. Keep it positive. Stay informed. Vote November 8th.


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