“Social” media

As many of you know, I enjoy posting on social media a little too much. However, through engaging constantly on social media, I often forget to simply enjoy the moments around me. So like any unhealthy habit that consumes our lives, I feel the need to quit or at least take a break, specifically from facebook, for the summer. Quit worrying about checking facebook notifications. Quit contacting people via facebook. Quit caring about posting every picture of every activity. (I do plan on keeping instagram for the occasional adorable picture of my puppies.) Instead I plan on actually living a social life. One where I can finally concentrate on family, friends, my health and learning. This summer I took on the challenge of learning French, how to play piano and purchasing a DSLR camera to nourish my passion for photography. Life is full of possibility and I cannot wait to fill my summer days with writing letters, reading books, cookouts with friends, the beach, quality time with my family and new experiences!


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