1 Month, 30 Days, 730 Hours, 43829 Minutes,

Today marks one month of DCP life. Wow! That feels weird to say, one month, thirty days, four weeks, however you phrase it, it has been an amazing adventure thus far.

My roommates are the kindest, sweetest, most wonderful people who always are there to play in the parks, chat or cheer each other up when we are struggling. Yes, there are struggles that come with doing the DCP. I miss my family, puppies and friends every day. I’ve already cried twice while calling my mom because it is strange not seeing anyone from home, at all. Of course, there are also the natural issues with moving to a new place such as learning to balance my classes, work and a vlogging channel. I’ve learned how important it is for me to make time to call my family, go to the parks with my roommates and make new friends. I have always loved making new friends, but found that the people I met at the beginning of the program (when I had time off to breathe) I haven’t seen many of since. Time management is my advice for anyone applying or who has been accepted to the DCP. Time management. It amazes me that 30 days have gone by in one blink.

With that said, everyone has been very friendly and I look forward to making more time for all of the wonderful people here. Life has been hectic to say the least but it is amazing here in Orlando. I’m working with all of the characters I looked up to as a child. I have the opportunity to make kids smile today like I did the first time I came here. The magic made me want to come back to Disney World as much as possible growing up. I hope that I can have even a small impact on the creating that same magic for the guests I meet everyday. I’m so proud to work for a company that makes dreams come true. As they say in Up, “Adventure is out there”. My adventure is just beginning and I cannot wait to see where it takes me.